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I truly appreciate all the support everyone has provided to me and the campaign. My life will never be the same because of this experience and all the wonderful people I have come to know because of it.

We knew this district would be a challenge. I’m proud that we achieved the moral victory of the best result by a Republican in this district in a long time. We performed well above the voter registration split. We had a positive impact on politics and helped to define a new standard for protecting individual rights through a return to constitutionally limited government. Let’s hope that Jared Polis took notice and will learn to lead and not follow the bankrupt ideas of his party.

Special thanks to the Bailey Brigade! Tea Party, 9-12, Campaign 4 Liberty: Please hold our elected officials accountable and continue to push for freedom and liberty!

Besides returning to my career (which I still love), I will actively continue the fight for the full restoration of our rights and the elimination of oppressive, tyrannical government in the United States. As I find new ways to make a difference, you will hear from me.

To paraphrase Ayn Rand, we all must be brave enough to not be cowards because the consequences are so very clear and becoming clearer every day!

We are meant to live our lives in freedom, in the pursuit of our happiness. Our lives are too short and too precious to allow bureaucrats and politicians to control them. I hope you love your life as much as I love mine, my wife’s and my children’s, and that you will stand with me as we fight the most important battle of our lives: the battle for a moral government which protects individual sovereignty, individual rights and liberty.

In Liberty,
Stephen Bailey


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Republican Takes CD2: First Time In 40 Years!

How do you like the ring of it?
This is the headline we are working to achieve in November. We are honored to have received the Republican primary nomination, with 69% of the vote.
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Oct. 31 & Nov. 1
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